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Hi-Line is a premier, full-service provider of value-added solutions to your fabricated product requirements. Beginning with design engineering, we can work independently or in conjunction  with your own engineers or process managers to identify the product requirements and specifications and create a complete set of AutoCAD shop and assembly drawings. When necessary, our engineers can develop Solid Works 3D models for assembly verification or virtual prototyping to assure both product acceptability and enhanced manufacturability. 



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Once the designs are approved, the process stages are carefully planned and executed. Our E2 enterprise manufacturing software system and ensures on-schedule movement of the product through each stage of the manufacturing process - from shearing, to forming, to welding, to assembly, to finish detailing and control integration. And our ISO compliant quality system assures that each stage, and the final product are inspected and meet acceptability criteria.  Together, our managed process system assures on-time delivery of a reliable product.


So whether your need is for us to make-to-order to your design and shop drawings, or you need us to custom engineer a turn-key solution, our process approach is the same, and represents the same level of integrity, quality and reliability.      

We Offer a Full Range of Engineering Design and Customer Support Services