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Our Engineering Design Team is equipped with seven terminals (seats) of professional engineering software, five seats of AutoCAD 2008, and two seats of Solid Works 3D.  Combined, this gives us significant throughput to handle even the largest design projects. .

Solid Works 3D Modeling

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These systems allow us to accept customer generated AutoCAD drawing files and Solid Works 3D model files and efficiently transform them into actual layout drawings for shop floor use. We can also can generate CNC programs directly from customer furnished files to assure quick startup and accurate rendition of the design into completed parts.


Our team is also integrated into our E2 ERP business software system which makes our engineering staff able to communicate cross-function with the rest of our staff, providing work instruction for production, bill of materials for purchasing, and timely quotes for our sales staff. 


In addition to our state-of-the art software systems, our engineering and design staff  receive cross-discipline training and all designs are checked and cross-checked so our shop floor instructions are accurate and quality reliable

We Offer a Full Range of Engineering Design and Customer Support Services