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Make-to-Order Manufacturing - MTO

Custom Manufacturing is essentially MTO

Because of the custom nature of our work, we manufacture virtually all of our  products as discrete individual orders, on either a “job shop” or Make-to-Order (MTO) basis.  MTO can be a very demanding manufacturing process, because work starts only after a customer's order is received or confirmed -- there is no prebuilt inventory sitting on the self. 


To be successful as a MTO manufacturer in today’s competitive world,  it requires us to manage a commit-to-delivery business model, and  that necessitates lean manufacturing methods, fast development planning, and smart supply chain management -- a commitment that demands integrated  data management systems and sophisticated software tools.


E2 Shop Management System

That is why, deployed throughout our company, is  Shop Tech’s latest E2 total manufacturing control software, one of the premier MTO shop floor control systems. It is essentially the engine of our ability to manage the challenges of rapidly changing customer requirements, schedules, materials delays, change orders and information requests.  


Some of the ways this adds Value to your Order...

· Material efficacy  - Our manufacturing planning software has built in sheet calculators to determine how  many parts we can get out of a sheet of material.

· Accurate Estimating and Quoting -  Our manufacturing inventory software helps us develop accurate estimates by looking back at similar past jobs - Quick Quoting.

· Procurement - Our purchasing software is integrated with engineering to build accurate bills of material, and it manages purchase orders and coordinates delivery schedules with our vendors and sub-contractors.

· Efficient Processing - Our manufacturing process software links  materials to  specific routing steps to assure on-time availability of component parts and sub-assemblies at each production stage.

· Process Scheduling - Our production control software  identifies all of the manufacturing process steps and handles all of the needed  release schedules, split deliveries, complex assemblies, split jobs, and changing due dates.  A flexible scheduling whiteboard allows us to schedule the shop floor resources realistically each work day.

· Cost Plus Contracts -  Our fully integrated labor and materials costing software system provides accurate and reliable data collection for substantiating actual cost  when executing work under cost-plus customer contracts. 



“Best of Business Software Award Winner”

We use E2

by Shop Tech

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